The life in vietnam after the war in the movie journey from the fall by tran ham

The cinematic equivalent of trepanning a mermaid.

The life in vietnam after the war in the movie journey from the fall by tran ham

Vietnamese Americans who lived through the Vietnam War have many stories to share with the generation of Vietnamese who grew up in America.

With our busy lives and because of language barriers, sometimes these stories are not shared, not even within one household. This article was written by Mr. You urged to me to put our thoughts on paper to share with our descendants because, as you said, your hands tremble so much these days that you are having difficulty holding the pen.

Moreover, this year marks the 30th anniversary of our self-exile as refugees and we both thought it would be useful to transmit a clear message to our children and especially our grandchildren. During these last few months, I endeavored to accomplish the task you assigned. Today, my work may be considered complete.

For ease of presentation, I wrote this article in the form of a letter by a father to his children.

The life in vietnam after the war in the movie journey from the fall by tran ham

Please review it at your convenience. I would very much appreciate any corrections and improvements. Over the years, we have had many occasions to talk to you about a number of important subjects, but you were often not all present at the same time to share the same conversations.

Moreover, you may not have entirely retained our message. Hence, this letter to summarize the key points that your mother and I wish to impart to you.

For your children who speak Vietnamese but do not read it very well, we ask that you find the best way to communicate our thoughts to them and offer them the necessary explanations.

It is not enough to merely take note of what we put today in writing for you. Please make an effort to really grasp the fundamental meaning of our message. Gratefulness — My beloved children, in fleeing the communist regime in search of freedom, we had to leave everything behind: The authorities and the people of this adopted land opened their arms and their hearts to help us rebuild our lives.

Now that we are relatively well established, we should be grateful and show it by doing our best to help make this nation even greater, stronger and more prosperous. The cause of our exodus — You must be sure to explain clearly to your children the reasons which pushed our family as well as hundreds of thousands of others to choose a life of self-exiled immigrants in a foreign country: Your children have the great fortune of living in a democratic society.

Having known nothing but freedom since they were born, they would never imagine the full extent of the duplicity and the cruelty exerted by the communists. They would find it difficult to believe the atrocities to which men can submit men. The communists are cruel in action, but very cunning in words and especially skilled in the art of concealment!

Hence the need to really explain things to your children to ensure they have a full understanding of our background, not to incite hatred in them, but so they can be aware of the truth. We often repeat this saying amongst ourselves: Learn about the vicissitudes that our people experienced, including the moments of glory and the times of humiliation.

Appreciate the wisdom and accomplishments of our forefathers as well as their mistakes. These are all lessons that we should learn and communicate to our descendants.Journey from the Fall (Vietnamese: Vượt Sóng) is a independent film by writer/director/editor Ham Tran, about the Vietnamese reeducation camp and boat people experience following the Fall of Saigon on April 30, This drama was released on March 23, , by ImaginAsian to sold-out barnweddingvt.comng: Kieu Chinh, Long Nguyen, Diem Lien, Cat Ly.

At the same time, The Names of the Dead is a harrowing and heartfelt portrait of the Vietnam War and the men who fought it. The year is , the place A Shau valley, and Larry Markham - nineteen and green - must find a way to keep his platoon alive.


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(In due time, you may let them watch the movie Journey from the Fall, directed by Tran Ham, which premiered on April 30, ) The communists are cruel in action, but very cunning in words and especially skilled in the art of concealment! Even though I gave the room a bad score doesn't mean I can change it and after seeing the pain and the journey making a real Hollywood movie, the journey in this movie is phenomenal.

All the Way is a documentary film based on aspects of Paul Ham’s acclaimed history Vietnam: The Australian War, an exhaustive and comprehensive account of Australia’s part in the Vietnam War.

The film began its journey two years ago when Ham agreed to the adaptation and to also present the film.

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