I should have listened to my mother advice

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I should have listened to my mother advice

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Cholecalciferol Common Brands of Anticoagulant Poisons: In these cases, the antidote is vitamin K. There is unfortunately no antidote for the majority of these.

Anticoagulants prevent blood from clotting and leads to uncontrolled and spontaneous internal and external bleeding. Fortunately, the antidote is large quantities of vitamin K. Vitamin K pills from the drugstore are not adequate. Your dog will need repeated injections of vitamin K over the course of three to four weeks until clotting returns to normal.

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This type of poisoning causes swelling of the brain. Emesis induced vomiting and activated charcoal are the only treatments available for bromethalin, but action must be taken immediately because bromethalin is fast-acting. Cats are two to three times more sensitive than dogs, so if your dog ingested this type of poisoning, there may be a chance of survival.

Treatment for Cholecalciferol Poisoning: Cholecalciferol increases calcium to a life-threatening level. Unfortunately, there is a very narrow margin of survival for this type of poison, and there is no antidote.

For positive outcomes, your dog will need aggressive IV fluids for two to three days and specific drugs e. Even if your dog survives, she may show clinical signs most likely kidney issues. Treatment for Zinc Phosphide Poisoning: There is no specific antidote for zinc phosphide poisoning.

How Most Rat Poison Works The most common type of rat poison is anticoagulants, which prevent the rat's blood from clotting. Normally, blood contains special substances that aid the coagulation of blood. These special substances often referred to as clotting factors are responsible for converting fibrinogen into a mix of insoluble fibrin, which ultimately causes the platelets to stick and blood to coagulate.

This is often known as the ''fibrin clot,'' and it plugs the vessel's tear, and thereby stops the bleeding.

Clotting normally begins within five minutes of an injury to the blood vessels. This is a very important defense mechanism that occurs automatically when a blood vessel is damaged. Without clotting factors, one would eventually bleed to death.

I should have listened to my mother advice

When an animal ingests rat poison, no more clotting factors are produced. While this may not create problems immediately, it certainly will in the near future.

Evaluating the Extent of the Problem While rat poison may not create problems immediately, a cascading series of events will soon start to take place, and things will start deteriorating quickly.

Don't underestimate the problem! If you know your dog ingested rat poison or you suspect it, take your dog to the vet immediately!

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It is common for dog owners to assume that just because their dog is doing fine after ingesting rat poison that they are basically out of the woods. Generally, anticoagulant rat poison takes some time to start creating problems two days to a week. For this reason, it is imperative to act right away instead of waiting for signs of trouble.

Unfortunately, those who have waited long enough to witness serious health problems in their canines often lose their dog.

I should have listened to my mother advice

Depending on how much rodent poison a dog has ingested, signs of trouble may start days or weeks later once the reserve of clotting factors has been depleted. Deprived of any new clotting factors, the dog will soon start bruising easily and bleeding internally, which will makes things go downhill fairly quickly.

This delayed effect explains why most rats and mice die far away from the source of the poison. After eating rat bait, the mouse will most likely wander off, and when the poison takes effect a day or two later, it will die.

This often happens when dogs are not supervised.Hi, I have downloaded the ebook, but have not read it yet. Your article ‘The Narcissistic Mother’, makes me feel like I am reading my life story with my mother. You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

Ever faced a big life decision and felt unsure about which way to go? Whether it was leaving a relationship, moving to an unfamiliar place, quitting a safe job or spending a large amount of money — many of us find.

Apr 13,  · In my last few moments of breaths, my mind echoed the thought ‘If only I had listened to my parents’ advice, I could have avoided this.’ NOTE: This essay was directly scanned from a DCPC.

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There may be some errors in it. Yeah / I should have stopped, looked and listened before I proceeded. top · top new · updates · submit lyrics So I ignored their advice and I tried to disguise pain from you and all the things you did Shoulda listened to my mother When she said that you were no good for me.

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Once I tried leaving my house in a short skirt and a shirt that showed my stomach my mom told me to change, and I threw a hissy fit. I was 15 years old! Thank God my mom made me change.

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