Essay on an elephant

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Essay on an elephant

By Omna Roy The elephant Introduction: The elephant is the largest quadruped animal. Its height can be above eight feet. This big bulk is supported on four strong pillar-like legs. There are basically two types of elephants, African and Asian. The prominent features of the elephant are its trunk, its hanging ears, and the tusks of some male elephants.

The trunk, attached to its mouth, is several feet long, flexible yet strong. It is a multi-purpose organ, used for feeding, fighting, bathing, breathing and expressing emotions. African elephants are bigger is size, darker in color, and with more prominent ears.

Where are elephants found? It lives in a herd led by a strong male elephant. The babies are well-protected during the movement of the herd from one place to another. They usually live on land, but are very fond of water. Elephant is a herbivorous animal. They depend of plants to meet their requirement for food.

They eat branches of trees, vegetables, fruit, grass, etc. Sometimes, when there is scarcity of food in the forest, elephant herds come out to villages and target paddy fields and wheat fields.

The elephant is an intelligent animal. A trained elephant performs delightful tricks in the circus. But an angry elephant is a source of great danger.

It can destroy anything. In the zoo, we enjoy an elephant ride. Usually elephants help man by carrying heavy loads and logs in the forest. The tusk of the elephant is used for making costly and artistic items.

For this ivory, poachers often kill elephants. Everyone should denounce such a crime.The elephant is a very huge animal. It is ugly also.

Essay on Elephant for Students in English

It walks majestically. Its body is very heavy. It is called a royal animal. The elephant is very clumsy. It is huge. It grows a height of about 10 feet. It is usually coarse dark in color. its skin is too hard for any kind of thorns to penetrate. Indian elephants are generally found in the jungles of Assam, Tripura, Mysore etc.; and in Africa, the elephants are found to be bigger in size than their Indian counterparts.

The . Essay on Elephant Abuse Long Proposal ´╗┐Circus Elephant Animal Abuse Problem The day had come when little Timmy would finally get to go to the circus.

He was so eager that he was the first one out of bed that morning. Short Paragraph on Elephant. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On September 24, By Pooja Mishra. Elephant is on the biggest land animal found on earth. It is a wild animal but after giving training it, becomes a useful animal for man.

It is a huge animal and its colour is grey. The elephant is perhaps the strongest and the largest wild animal in the world.

Long and Short Essay on Elephant in English

The elephants can, however, be tamed and trained to serve their masters. The elephant has four legs which are fat and long like pillars. It has two large ears like big fans, a long trunk, but a short tail with a tuft of. The Elephant's Child is one of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories.

Ganesha is the god of wisdom in Hinduism. He has an elephant's head. Describes the discovery of the third species of .

Essay on an elephant
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