Checklist grading essay

Using Search Engines Wisely! They usually know to check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but other details are often seen as less important because of the high emphasis placed on these problems in their early education.

Checklist grading essay

There may be a time and a place for everything. The difficulty is figuring out when and where. First, the reason I resist rubric-method of grading student writing is Checklist grading essay it invites complaint. Also, I find that it can be difficult to justify why one person gets one "number" on a given section and another gets another.

Grading writing IS subjective - not entirely quantifiable. Yes, I look for certain things, but there is no one recipe for an A paper, and I think a rubric can inspire students to look for that recipe rather than focusing on the quality of their ideas and claims.

I create two columns. On the left-hand side, I list between 10 and 15 things that I was looking for in the paper. This column is labeled "Aspects of the essay that worked particularly well" or something like that. Things like, "Paper responds to the assignment" or "Paper offers insights into the texts under discussion in a critical and analytical way.

Then, on the right hand side of the page, I have another column that is labeled, "Aspects of the paper that could have been stronger.

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In part I do this because I think it softens my more direct marginal comments. Also, the checklist gives me the freedom not to comment on more global issues in the margins, so in the margins I can actually respond to more specific points in the essay.

Now, what I do when I grade is this. They had five topics from which to choose. First, I organize them by topic. Once I have them organized in that way, I put them in reverse order worst to best based on the opening few sentences of the paper.

In my experience, the opening few sentences really tell me all I need to know to assign a grade. Sometimes there are exceptions, but those are rare.

Then, I grade the each paper, writing marginal comments as I go. This allows the bulk of the marginal comments to respond to the content of the paper and not to overwhelm them with copy-editing type comments. It is NOT an overarching comment that deals with all of the stuff on the checklist.

Visually, this shows me pretty much what grade they should get. Invert that, and then you get a sense of the D and F range. Again, though, this is not outlined on a point system, which I would fudge anyway in order to give the grade that I thought the paper earned.

The checklist page does not include the grade. Having every paper look the same when they get it back I think makes it easier for them to deal.

I put the grade either on the first or last page of their actual paper. Another reason that I like this method is that it means I tend to comment as much on the great papers as I do on the less great ones.When grading essays, write numbers instead of comments.

When students get their essays back, they look at the number on the essay and its corresponding comment on the handout.

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You can use the numbers for holistic evaluation or for specific parts of the essay. Analytical approaches to grading. Analytical rubrics assign a specific point value to each attribute of a project (for example: thesis, evidence, logic, discussion, development, grammar, spelling, and formatting). They may be arranged graphically as grids, sliding scales, or .

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Essay Body develops strong, specific, convincing case in support of thesis evaluation: ___ a. One full body paragraph is devoted to each major supporting point: each body point is explained clearly and developed in satisfactory depth and detail, without redundancy;.

Checklist grading essay
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